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Updated: Jun 4

For twenty years, Arthur Blade has been the CIA spymaster, directing the operations of nearly every agent in the field. His knowledge of counterintelligence is both encyclopedic and legendary... And he is dying.

An experimental procedure offers the only hope of preserving his life. At the urging of the president, Blade agrees, and a segment of his brain is implanted into a dying Navy SEAL.

He now lives on, a young warrior with a brilliant mind honed by a lifetime of clandestine black-ops, cloaked behind a face that can disappear in any crowd. He is the ultimate spy, and his enemies, both foreign and within the CIA, quickly take aim. He must learn to live within his new body as he tracks down a deep-cover mole within the agency, while staying one step ahead of the Russian SVR, who are determined to eliminate the greatest nemesis they have ever faced.

The guns are drawn and ready, waiting for Arthur Blade to step from the shadows. But there is one detail that keeps them from taking down their target; it is nearly impossible to kill a ghost.

I'm very pleased to present this first book of Arthur Blade. It will become a series with the ideas for books two and three already swirling around in my head. I can already tell you this; book two will be entitled; The Sword of Salazaan: The world faces a united and deadly enemy that possesses a most frightening weapon. It falls to Arthur Blade to stop them in their quest for world domination.

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