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I've been a writer, in one form or another, for as long as I can remember. First, it was lyrics for various bands that needed a drummer/vocalist/songwriter. Eventually, the gigs became too demanding, but the need for a creative outlet never diminished. I found myself writing more and playing less. The steady stream of story ideas flows more every day, and I love where they take me. I may be the one that brings these characters into being, but from there, they take over. They let me know when I've written a dialogue line contrary to their persona. They reveal to me where the story should go, and I'm only too happy to follow.

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APRIL 22, 2020

Enemy Within The Gates


JUNE 1, 2021

A covert military mission threatens the aspirations of political newcomer, Katherine Karlson, and her run for the presidency. She devises a plan to scuttle the mission, thereby guaranteeing her the election but destroying any chance for peace in the Middle East. Her daughter witnesses the deception and pleads with her mother to undo the treasonous act, threatening to expose the truth if she refuses. Karlson is forced to choose between the highest office in the land and her only child, which also means silencing everyone who bore witness to the crime.
The most deadly adversary is the one you don't see coming, the one you trust, the one standing beside you already within the gates.

Notebook and Pen

Other Works

I am weeks away from releasing my third novel, THE SECOND LIFE OF ARTHUR BLADE.

For twenty years, Arthur Blade has been the CIA spymaster, directing the operations of nearly every agent in the field. His knowledge base of counter-intelligence is both encyclopedic and legendary. . .and he is dying.

   An experimental procedure offers the only hope of preserving his life. At the urging of the President, Blade agrees, and a segment of his brain is implanted into a dying Navy SEAL.

   He now lives on, a young warrior with a brilliant mind honed by a lifetime of spycraft, cloaked behind a face that can disappear in any crowd. He is the ultimate spy, and his enemies, both foreign and within the CIA, quickly take aim. He must learn to live with his new body as he tracks down a deep-cover operative within the agency while staying one step ahead of the Russian SVR, who are determined to eliminate the greatest nemesis they have ever faced. 

   The guns are drawn and ready, waiting for Arthur Blade to step from the shadows. But there is one detail that keeps them from taking down their target; it is nearly impossible to kill a ghost. 

Thank you for your interest. I hope you find the stories entertaining. 

As always, I would love to hear from you. 

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